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June 30, 2009

3 quarks daily can write nothing poorly ever. it’s a law soemwhere. seriously.

western hegemony. pissing people off since the 15th century. now with “do as i say not as i do” pellets. the third world has a point here.

we fire bomb you because we care, really.

herzog once helped henry rollins out during a car accident or something. look it up.,0,7555171.story

obama is making them go crazy….delong is a truth teller.

we are sure making them know gender roles early now aren’t we. they make in utero yankees tees now don’t they? steinbrenner will do  anything for a buck.

where’s the how to get a women that  will talk to comic dorks answer? that would have won hands down.

their is nothing wrong here with this man’s sense of logic. none.

how you could you not like a dog riding a bike. how?

print the article. you can play douchebag bingo with the picture. that’s why it is there, right? thank you Thomas Frank for making me hate fashion.

did not hear about this until today. apparently republicans tried to “prove” obama’s books were written by ayers. sometimes i think they take their playbook out of bad fan pic.

where i got the above articles’ link through. SEK shows how stooooopid these people are well better then i could.

the birch society, making dan brown’s plots seem quite sane since 1950 something but fighting an evil older then tiem itself.


taking sexy back to 1848.

June 29, 2009

International Noise Conspiracy were onto something. The kids like pretty.  Unfortunately, the kids don’t really like art. Combining style with your politics is a good idea for mainstreaming your views if you are lucky enough to catch a break. When it fails to break with the public at least your left with some nice fashion sense.

Not only can a Marxist look fabulous but they also can pull off some nifty dance moves.  Disappointed by the lack of Bakunin.  Nothing says “making Leftist politics appealing to the kids” like a still shot of Mikhail Bakunin. Yes, I  know of the conflicts and power struggles between Marx and Bakunin but the thought of him in a music video makes me giggle like a little school girl.

Why I never watch TV

June 27, 2009

Waiting in line to pay my cable bill they had Fox News on. Ben Stein actually stated that the White House was in the grip of the LGBT activists and Environmentalists.

Yes, a watered down cap and trade program, the White House Defense of DOMA and keeping “don’t as, don’t tell” is exactly what they were asking for. They really are this stupid aren’t they?

When are they going to realize that “time” is an islamo-fascist concept, started by Sumerians and then perfected by Egyptians? Read the article it’s all there.

I await Congresswomen Bachman’s response, eagerly.

This is why I don’t have TV. Thoughts this irrational disturb me.

links at your own risk

June 27, 2009

morning video

June 26, 2009

best band in rochester.

i never knew they had videos

June 26, 2009

let’s pretend it’s 1998 when all the hip kids were listening to lounge music

or let’s just say this is still awesome.

i steal links from other places and post on the interweb for a bunny.

June 26, 2009

NBA Draft predictions

June 26, 2009

Draft Predictions-

1-3 future all stars

1-3 2nd round picks being much much better then they were expected to be.

Crap load of busts.

Minnesota Timerwolves still making no sense whatsoever.


June 25, 2009

they exaggerate. he really was only a draft dodging chicken hawk.

henry is so young

June 25, 2009

they really turned the mic up on this. you can actually hear the vocals for once. too much actually.