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straw chickens apparently HATE socialism

July 31, 2009

I swear I never realise that my vioce sounds that until I hear it.

July 26, 2009

If you have 9 minutes left in your life go do something else. If you are at all slightly amused at listening to people stumble over there words and make awful video then this is it.

bands I have seen in Syracuse edition

July 16, 2009

so bro they were born w/ headbands on.

i, in fact, rocked what they were speaking about while doing this post.

yo know, his voice really isn’t that much worse then ian’s….i jest.

July 9, 2009

how dare you acuse me of calling you mad lux! for shame!

you can be a bikini girl with a machine gun in Macho Women with Guns.  Also a Librarian who can kill with deadly paper cuts, your choice.

i love the Cramps so much i can even overlook Poison Ivy’s gold paunts.

7/8/9 anarchist edition

July 9, 2009

Stza does not look as drunk as the last time i saw him in concert. the gutter punks were telling him to sober up. the gutter punks i say.

i myself have many bad ideas. i blame it on the ADD.

i wrote my master’s thesis on sentence he utterred. no lie.

links for a bunny in another state

July 9, 2009

I always preferred John “hot Plate” Williams but to each his own on late 80s fat underachieving basketball players.

Banning burqas only shows you are ignorance to the real problem. Rights not fashion.

why i talk to people i may not at all agree with. an interesting thought at the very least.

words are art and art can come from the word.

James Baldwin in Turkey during the 60s and not the one i went to high school with. the writer one.

death is the leading cause of death and you all causes should be looked into stopping it.

Wells, hater of capitalism, the rich and the masses but yet still a socialist.

are we really supposed to be feel sorry for these people and why?

hipsters in life as in virtual worlds?

i plan to spend as much as the recession ends as before, as little as possible.

it’s 3quarks it’s awesome. spend all your free time reading that site. it will¬† make you a better human, i swear.

coffee does nothing but give me a migraine. guess i am doomed to get Alzheimer’s until the next study comes out and says it gives you it.

know your intellectual enemy. attack their weakness, like a pit bull.

synopsis, Stone was right on a technicality. well put again, SEK.

it’s always abad policy to put someone on a board that wants said company to not exist. just sayin’.

why the heck not. really.

so the entire harry potter series WAS a scene to lure children into a life of ungodless living. shame on you noted welfare taker jk rowling.

think before you act. always. in every situation.

not sure if this is sexist or ridiculous. or both. probably both.

i heart david sedaris.

the oldest bible evah, all up in yo’ areah.

half a week’s worth of link posts

July 4, 2009

I would have gotten around to this earlier but the next door neighbor’s stole my cable…literally. they cut the wire from my house, dragged it acrossed the next door neighbor’s yard and plugged it into their own.

scholarly kitchen stating the obvious, in a post that doesn’t mention how much Open Access is teh sux.

Newton did not only improve scientific knowledge, he also solved crime.

background on the situation in IRan

On religion and technology

gladwell v. anderson. gladwell spent 10,000 hours writing this article.

this article explains why i am such a genius.

Salvagepunk, not really sure if i like the name for this movement.

Over 460,000 entries of Irish and British history. get it while you can

yes, my son. the answer always is more violence.

crazy people always say the best things.

guiltiest bees in the world.

the past predicts the future as much as writing about music is like dancing about architecture

i would never do this. i cannot stand on a 2 foot ladder, seriously.

who karate chops people besides 4 year olds?

i thought only academics could make strippers sound boring.

looks like an interesting, if depressing, book

reason to hate advertisements and the patriarchy #667.

Michelle Bachmann, Deomcratic COINTELPRO style-operative or surrealist Andy Kaufmanesque comedian. you be the judge.