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links for a bunny in another state

July 9, 2009

I always preferred John “hot Plate” Williams but to each his own on late 80s fat underachieving basketball players.

Banning burqas only shows you are ignorance to the real problem. Rights not fashion.

why i talk to people i may not at all agree with. an interesting thought at the very least.

words are art and art can come from the word.

James Baldwin in Turkey during the 60s and not the one i went to high school with. the writer one.

death is the leading cause of death and you all causes should be looked into stopping it.

Wells, hater of capitalism, the rich and the masses but yet still a socialist.

are we really supposed to be feel sorry for these people and why?

hipsters in life as in virtual worlds?

i plan to spend as much as the recession ends as before, as little as possible.

it’s 3quarks it’s awesome. spend all your free time reading that site. it will  make you a better human, i swear.

coffee does nothing but give me a migraine. guess i am doomed to get Alzheimer’s until the next study comes out and says it gives you it.

know your intellectual enemy. attack their weakness, like a pit bull.

synopsis, Stone was right on a technicality. well put again, SEK.

it’s always abad policy to put someone on a board that wants said company to not exist. just sayin’.

why the heck not. really.

so the entire harry potter series WAS a scene to lure children into a life of ungodless living. shame on you noted welfare taker jk rowling.

think before you act. always. in every situation.

not sure if this is sexist or ridiculous. or both. probably both.

i heart david sedaris.

the oldest bible evah, all up in yo’ areah.


NBA Draft predictions

June 26, 2009

Draft Predictions-

1-3 future all stars

1-3 2nd round picks being much much better then they were expected to be.

Crap load of busts.

Minnesota Timerwolves still making no sense whatsoever.