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Marx had bunions, it’s true.

May 30, 2009

So you ask, what are my intentions with this blog? Well #1 get a good grade. It’s for a class after all and I would like an A, who doesn’t. If you do well enough in all your classes you get to use Latin words like laude in front of your name when you are down with college.

#2, I intend for mostly of my posts to be of the link blog variety. Thematically culture, politics the usual generic link blog. If I had to nail it down to any area I would say somewhere in content between and, without, you know, the high level of writing. I am sure by the middle of the semester I will fall into a more consistent posting theme but for now this concept is where I see this going. So assume anything from why I hate ironic viral fads like 3 wolves with moon shirt to why sea-steading libertarians fascinate/make me revolted.

#3, I have asked several of the people that I used to write with on another site if they would like to post blogs on here. For the most part I like group blogs a lot more then single author blogs and as such would prefer to do that, if possible. We will see if this happens.