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July 5, 2010

september 10th 1676 the death of gerrard winstanley

September 11, 2009

h/t the excellent

we are sadam a go go

August 21, 2009

gor gor!

best song about sadam evahhh

no slymenstra.

penguins are in fact evil creatures. heard on a radio show. must be true.

I swear I never realise that my vioce sounds that until I hear it.

July 26, 2009

If you have 9 minutes left in your life go do something else. If you are at all slightly amused at listening to people stumble over there words and make awful video then this is it.

Why I never watch TV

June 27, 2009

Waiting in line to pay my cable bill they had Fox News on. Ben Stein actually stated that the White House was in the grip of the LGBT activists and Environmentalists.

Yes, a watered down cap and trade program, the White House Defense of DOMA and keeping “don’t as, don’t tell” is exactly what they were asking for. They really are this stupid aren’t they?

When are they going to realize that “time” is an islamo-fascist concept, started by Sumerians and then perfected by Egyptians? Read the article it’s all there.

I await Congresswomen Bachman’s response, eagerly.

This is why I don’t have TV. Thoughts this irrational disturb me.

links at your own risk

June 27, 2009

i never knew they had videos

June 26, 2009

let’s pretend it’s 1998 when all the hip kids were listening to lounge music

or let’s just say this is still awesome.


June 25, 2009

they exaggerate. he really was only a draft dodging chicken hawk.

henry is so young

June 25, 2009

they really turned the mic up on this. you can actually hear the vocals for once. too much actually.

Lucha Va Awesome

June 24, 2009

The thought of this game, even if it sucks, makes me happy like you would not believe.  The first college I  went to I refound my childhood love of wrestling. At 7 pm Monday nights on Galavision the AAA would come on.

It was not the wrestling that I remembered as I child, the WWF that I  watched and the NWA which I loved and it was not in English which made it all  the more exotic. Furthermore, the rules were completely different. I  had yet to realize that wrestling is in fact dictated as much by the culture in which it is found as anything else.  Wrestling is a cultural construct. England, Japan, Mexico and the United States all  have their different intepretations of the sport and in some cases it can be broken down even further into different areas.  For a, then, budding anthropologist it was a gold mine.

One of the 10,000 different books I want to write involves studying the cultural interpretations in different areas of the world. The fact that I would have to spend extended time in areas like Mexico City, Tokyo, and various American cities does not hurt the endeavor either.

The fact that it is “fake” helps the cause, allowing for further cultural meanings to slip into the sport. Every culture has different heros and villians and this is what the story is about after all. America could not have produced Santo. Just as Mexico could not have produced Hulk Hogan.