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woven hand

September 2, 2009

August 26, 2009

I know it’s better to know now then to argue on the set later.

david, get the lady her cigarettes already.

it kind of has shapes inside. wedge shapes, in fact. they are everywhere.

i have a booper in my basement.

stupid bee!

Turbo Negro

August 15, 2009

best song about a pizza shop ever.

apparently they want to get it on.

this video would leave me to believe this song is, in fact, about a katamari damacy leather daddy.

Hank likes the sailor men. it’s one of his facts.

the bear and the cape make up for the songs deficiencies. it’s a freakin’ bear.

that my friends is a small piece of the awesomeness that is turbonegro.

daniel johston extravaganza

August 9, 2009

why did i only find out about johnston last week. my hipster points go down 40, :(.

this would explain rochester

yes, yes it will. hopefully.

lost my wedding ring many times but not this…yet

i have many of these.

straw chickens apparently HATE socialism

July 31, 2009

bands I have seen in Syracuse edition

July 16, 2009

so bro they were born w/ headbands on.

i, in fact, rocked what they were speaking about while doing this post.

yo know, his voice really isn’t that much worse then ian’s….i jest.

July 9, 2009

how dare you acuse me of calling you mad lux! for shame!

you can be a bikini girl with a machine gun in Macho Women with Guns.  Also a Librarian who can kill with deadly paper cuts, your choice.

i love the Cramps so much i can even overlook Poison Ivy’s gold paunts.

7/8/9 anarchist edition

July 9, 2009

Stza does not look as drunk as the last time i saw him in concert. the gutter punks were telling him to sober up. the gutter punks i say.

i myself have many bad ideas. i blame it on the ADD.

i wrote my master’s thesis on sentence he utterred. no lie.

taking sexy back to 1848.

June 29, 2009

International Noise Conspiracy were onto something. The kids like pretty.  Unfortunately, the kids don’t really like art. Combining style with your politics is a good idea for mainstreaming your views if you are lucky enough to catch a break. When it fails to break with the public at least your left with some nice fashion sense.

Not only can a Marxist look fabulous but they also can pull off some nifty dance moves.  Disappointed by the lack of Bakunin.  Nothing says “making Leftist politics appealing to the kids” like a still shot of Mikhail Bakunin. Yes, I  know of the conflicts and power struggles between Marx and Bakunin but the thought of him in a music video makes me giggle like a little school girl.

morning video

June 26, 2009

best band in rochester.